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Pottery villages of Lombok

Lombok is famous for its unique hand-made, coil formed pottery. Visit the villages and see daily village life and skillful women potters at work in Banyumulek, Penunjak and Masbagik Timur.

Traditional Sasak Villages

Senaru village in the district of Bayan, north Lombok is where life and civilization of the past centuries still exist in a natural way. Villages like this still live the unique way of life of the Sasak people, the native inhabitants of Lombok. Senaru traditional village (Desa Adat) is next to the entrance to Rinjani National Park 1km after the entrance to Sendang Gila Waterfall.

Waterfalls, natural parks and orchids

Sendang Gile waterfall, 600m above sea level close to Senaru village at the foot of Rinjani, offers a totally refreshing massage under its 30m fall of crystal clear cool mountain waters. Another 40 minutes walk takes you to the next fall,  Tiu Pupus, with a great swimming pool.

Buddhist Vihara

About 8km east of Medana (4km after Tanjung) just before Gangga there is an active Buddhist Vihara (temple) at the edge of the hills called Vihara Sangupati. The red roof of the vihara is visible across the padi fields from the main road.

Balinese Temples

In addition to mosques (masjid) you  will also see many Balinese houses and temples in the vicinity. Some famous temples of Lombok include Batu Bolong temple in Senggigi, Pura Lingsar and Mayura in Mataram are some of the oldest temples in Lombok.

Sarong weaving: Cakranegara, Pringgasella and Sukarare

Slamet Riady in Jalan Tenun in Cakranegara produces a range of materials on hand operated looms and is very knowledgeable about local woven materials. At Pringgasella (East Lombok) and Sukarare (West Lombok) weavers use traditional back-press hand looms and the total process also involves spinning, yarning, dying and drying. One can purchase items directly from the weavers or from local shops. The styles at both places are quite different, reflecting different local customs.

Basket Weaving and Wooden handicraft villages

Loyok village near Kota Raja in the rural area of central and eastern Lombok is a centre for handicrafts made of plaited bamboo. A variety of baskets, bowls, traditional stacking boxes and handbags are available here.

Beleke is famous for its woven rattan crafts of bowls, baskets and bags are the main suppliers to the Bali markets.

Sayang-Sayang, just north of Mataram city, has a great collection of small shops stacked with a wide variety of crafts from all over Lombok and their own products of wooden masks and furniture decorated with mother of pearl inlay.

Pearl Farms and Jewellery

Lombok is known for its golden 'South-Seas' cultured pearls. Several pearl farms are located all around Lombok. At nearby Teluk Nara, Autore Pearls offer a show room with a wide selection of pearl based jewellery with an adjacent pearl farm. Tours of the pearl farm and process are available.

In Sekarbela and Kamasan districts of Mataram, beautiful hand-made jewellery, featuring large semi-baroque drop-shaped South Sea cultured pearls, is made and sold here.

Amazing Mosques

Visit some amazing mosques, from ancient Bayan Old Mosque, part of the heritage of Islam in Lombok, believed to have been built upon Islam's arrival in the 16th century, to the totally modern Islamic Centre rising over central Mataram. The Islamic Centre has a lift to the observation platform in the main minaret. Please be dressed appropriately to visit (no singlets and short shorts), the same as for the Imigration Office nearby. Entrance fee to the lift: Rp. 15,000.

Lombok Elephant Park

Just 4km from Medana is the Lombok Elephant Park. In this beautifully maintained small park there are “orang utan” (orangutang) which interact with visitors, a baby hippopotamus and a variety of tropical birds. Entrance fees apply, but it is very worthwhile place to visit for several hours. Meals are available in the park. 

City Tour

Old Cakranegara market is well worth a visit with locals trading in fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, rice and fish, local artifacts, sarongs and clothes. At the other extreme we have Lombok Epicentrum Mall (LEM), with three levels of air-conditioned stores offering a full range of goods and a luxurious Studio XXI cinema screening the latest movies in English in six studio lounges. Hypermart is in the lower ground floor. Hero Supermarket is on the ground floor of old Mataram Mall in Cakranegara. Carrefour is in the Transmart building in Sweta, but is not well stocked with western style foods.

Sport and Fitness


Yoga classes are available for all levels on the Gili Islands. Just let the instructor know how much experience you have and they will guide you, so you can enjoy and make the most of your class. Classes include Yin and Hatha yoga.

Water Sports

Snorkel and masks are available to rent at Sailfish Cafe. The reef on the east side of the marina is quite colourful with many interesting fish. Please note that snorkelers are responsible for their own safety.

Golf Course - Kosaido Country Club

Just 3km west of Medana Bay on Tanjung Sire there is a delightful 18-hole golf course with views of Mt.Rinjani to the east and the Gili islands to the west.

Biking tours

Lombok biking can arrange a number of guided tours to fit your individual needs. Cross-country type bikes are available for hire on notice. North Lombok has some very impressive off-road trails suitable for beginners as well as hard core cyclists. We need two days notice to arrange.

Dive Snorkel the three Gili Islands

These three perfect coral fringed islands, with white sand beaches and swaying palm trees and absolutely no motor vehicles, lie in the sparkling ocean just 4 miles from Medana off the north-west coast of Lombok. For many years the Gili's have attracted visitors from around the world for their pristine waters, diving and snorkelling opportunities, and laid-back charm. Gili Trawangan in particular can be very busy during European summer holidays.

Surfing Lombok

Lombok is well known for its best 'secret' surf point, Bangko-Bangko, often called 'Desert Point' on the far west tip of Lombok suited for skilled surfers. Bring a good tube riding board.

Kuta beach and the south coast of Lombok is a surfers' paradise with excellent breaks such as Gerupuk Bay, Mawi, Mawun and 'Point X'. Some are better accessed by hire boat. Local Lombok surfers can also guide you to good spots and watch over your gear. The nearest local rides are at Gili Air reef and Senggigi.

Climb Mt.Rinjani

Climbing Mount Rinjani is an unforgettable experience. Standing at 3726m, Mt Rinjani in the north of Lombok is the second highest volcano in Indonesia and the third highest peak in the country. This is a three day, two night trek to the peak or a two day, one night trek to magnificent views from Senaru ridge at 2,650m. We can arrange trekking trips to suit your needs. These include transport, guides, porters, tents, sleeping bags, drinking water, food and meals. You just need energy and warm clothes. It gets cold on the top.