Medana Bay Marina is an official entry and exit points for visiting yachts. You can now complete your customs, immigration, quarantine and harbour master clearance in our marina. If you choose to check in/out at Medana Bay Marina – please email us to inform of estimated arrival dates. Please read below for the required documents to prepare before coming in.

Checking In to Indonesia

Before coming in to Indonesia, you must first fill in the CUSTOMS document, known as the VESSEL DECLARATION.

This can be filled in from the following website:

You must also have a valid visa when entering the country

  1. Social Visa – requires an Indonesian sponsor. Valid for 6 months. Requires to be extended every month
  2. Visa on Arrival – USD 35. Can be extended to be valid for a total of 60 days. If you choose to come in on VOA for FREE, you can only stay in Indonesia for 30 days – no choice of extending
  3. Retirement Visa – Must be over 55 years old, and fully retired
Please prepare the following documents:
  1. Boat Registration
  2. Certificate of Ownership
  3. Crew List
  4. Vessel Declaration – Signed by the captain
  5. Appropriate Visa
  6. List of goods/meat/live animals on your boat