Medana Bay is in the red circle in North Lombok close to the three Gili isles. Mount Rinjani rises to the east at 3,726m high. The sailing route from Java and Bali to Flores and other eastern islands follows this route north of Lombok. Lombok international airport (LOP) is 90 minutes away near Praya, Central Lombok. The Fast Boat terminal at Teluk Nare is just 15 minutes away.

Mooring Basin Coordinates: 08°21.833'S 116°07.750'E
North entry Waypoint: 08°20.432'S 116°07.685'E
VHF Channel 17
Mobile contact: +62 877 6585 9666 (Miss Ratih)

The approach from the east tracks through 08°20.067'S and 116°08.361'E in deep water to our transit waypoint at 08°20.432'S 116°07.685'E where it bears south into Medana Bay – locally called Teluk Dalem, meaning Deep Bay. If your approach is a little to the north of this track you may be surprised by the depths suddenly becoming shallower from over 20m to just 7m as you pass over some coral. Don't be alarmed – you do still have 7m of water in this shallow spot.

The approach from the west tracks in north of Gili Air and Gili Trawangan to the same transit waypoint, keeping half of Gili Meno in your sights behind Gili Air. This is to ensure a wide berth of the coral fringe to Medana headland.

The mooring basin is at 08°21.833'S 116°07.750'E. The approach way-point is almost due north at 08°20.432'S and 116°07.685'E. Please refer to our Sea Chart and ‘google earth' map. From the transit waypoint please observe and align your transit with the Leading Marks set behind our pontoons on the beach – two white squares with red outlines. These will bring you safely along a deep water channel 300m wide and 30m deep into the central mooring area 150m wide and 15m deep. At night time the rear upper marker has a white vertical strip light, and the lower forward light is a vertical blue strip.

Our Port (red) and Starboard (green) marker buoys are set at a minimum depth of 4m inside the protective coral reef. Sometimes they are damaged by impact from local fishing boats. It is best to follow the Leading Marks into the mooring basin, then choose your mooring, or come straight on to a booked berth.

The mooring buoys are the plain black floats with a smaller white ball float attached to the painter for ease of pick-up.

The attached Sea Track is a download kindly supplied by Jackie & Brian of SV ‘Songster' on September 2009 using the ‘MaxSea' system on CMAP with skipper Brian's hand written comments. Please refer to this Sea Track and our Transit Way-Point approach map from ‘google earth'.