Medana Bay Marina   Coordinates 08°21.833’S 116°07.750’E

Entry way-point almost due north at 08°20.432’S 116°07.685’E

We welcome our guests to Medana Bay Marina in North Lombok. You may have arrived by boat, in which case you are welcome to pick up a mooring buoy or proceed straight on to a berth if you have a booking. When you have settled in, please come ashore and check in at our Sailfish café.

For our hotel guests who have arrived by land transport please also call in to our Sailfish café beside the beach for anything you may need. Our hotel rates are inclusive of tax and breakfast for two people. We hope you enjoy your stay with us, the tranquil atmosphere and some delicious food.

Our hotel has 17 air-conditioned rooms, all with balconies overlooking the bay across the gardens, and there is an adjacent function room for 250 attendees with separate kitchen and dining facilities.

We are very close to the three Gili islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan which are just 4-6 nautical miles away to the west. Land transfer is via Bangsal public boat jetty 6km away. Fast boats to Bali leave from Teluk Nare, 15 minutes by taxi. The Senggigi area with many restaurants, bars and shops is about 35 minutes south on the scenic coast road. Mataram city with a full range of banks, supermarkets, hardware shops and a multiplex Studio XXI cinema is 60 minutes by taxi (A$20).

The entrance to Rinjani National Park at Senaru is just one hour away by motorbike or taxi on the quiet northern rural road. Here are the waterfalls of Sendang Gile and restaurants overlooking the terraced rice fields and a genuine traditional mountain village. From here begins the 10.5km trek up to Senaru ridge at 2,650m with fantastic views of the crater lake, volcanic cone and Mount Rinjani peak at 3,726m. To the west, the sun sets over the Gilis and Mount Agung on Bali, clearly visible 70km away.

We were happy to be the first privately owned facility to host Sail Indonesia in September 2009 and we are proud to be have been the Lombok hosts for the seventh year running welcoming over one hundred yachts of Sail Indonesia Tomini 2015, Sail2Indonesia, Blue Planet Odyssey and fifty other independent boats during the main July to October sailing season this year.

Medana Bay Marina has a special license covering six hectares of the bay, issued by the Ministry of Communications (Sea) RI, to develop a marina with up to 200 berths for yachts and ocean tourism development, with adjacent land area of over seven hectares for a resort. Planning permission was issued in 2009 for a three stage development. Our first stage of hotel and 10 serviced floating berths was completed and operating in early 2012. The next marine related stage will include a slipway, haul-out and hardstand facility, before proceeding with further sea berths.




Our hotel, with 17 twin or double bedded rooms all with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi with a convenient desk and appliance power points, has been operating since December 2011 and is available at discounted rates for participants of Sail Indonesia. Please contact the reservation desk for room bookings at info@medanabaymarina.com.




Function Room

The Meeting Hall is able to accommodate up to 250 attendees in different configurations and has an adjacent kitchen and covered dining area. This is frequently used by both the Government and NGOs for departmental meetings, information and training seminars, organization rallies and is also available and suitable for private weddings.







By Road
From the south our property can be approached via the “Oberoi Road” turn off, 6km north of the cross-roads at Pemenang. Immediately opposite the TVRI tower turn right and drive slowly down our 500m country road. From the Tanjung side, cars enter via the paving stone road, driving carefully through the village with the turn off the main road right on the corner by the green and white mosque.


By Boat

The mooring basin is centred on coordinates 08°21.833’S, 116°07.750’E with an entry way point almost due north at 08°20.432’S and 116°07.685’E. Please refer to our Sea Chart below.


Sea Chart




The approach from the east tracks through 08°20.067’S and 116°08.361’E in deep water to our way-point at 08°20.432’S, 116°07.685’E. From here turn almost due south into Medana Bay following our leading marks into the mooring basin. If your approach is a little to the north of this track you may be surprised by the depths suddenly becoming shallower from over 20m to just 7m as you pass over some coral. Don’t be alarmed – you do still have 7m of water in this shallow, good for fishing, spot

The approach from the west tracks in north of Gili Air and Gili Trawangan to the same way point, staying well clear (north) of the coral fringe around Tanjung Medana (headland).

The mooring basin is at 08°21.833’S, 116°07.750’E

From the way-point please observe and align your entrance with the Leading Marks set beside our pontoons on the beach – two white squares with red outlines. These will bring you in safely along a deep channel 300m wide and 30m deep into the central mooring area 150m wide and 15m deep. At night time the Rear Upper Mark has a white vertical strip light, and the Lower Forward Mark is a vertical blue LED strip.

Our Port (red) and Starboard (green) marker buoys, marking the boundaries of our mooring and anchoring basin, are set at a 4m minimum depth inside the protective coral reef boundaries. Sometimes these markers are damaged by local fishing boats. It is best to follow the Leading Marks.

The mooring buoys are the black floats paired with a smaller white float at the end of the painter for easy hooking and lifting on to your boat.

We take every care to ensure the good condition of the risers and anchor fittings and attachments, but ultimate boat safety remains the responsibility of the skipper.


As a private facility it is a requirement that all visiting boats berthing, mooring or anchoring and using our jetty and facilities shall register and pay the applicable fees.


Sea Track SV Songster      Sea Track MBM

Leading Marks


The attached Sea Track is a download kindly supplied by Jackie & Brian of SV ‘Songster’ on September 2009 using the ‘MaxSea’ system on CMAP with skipper Brian’s hand written comments.


Please refer to this Sea Track and our Way Point approach map from ‘google earth’.




Please contact our office on info@medanabaymarina.com or to mobile +62 877 6585 9666 or by fax to +62 370 633 564 with your expected arrival details.

Mobile +62 877 6585 9666
(Harry, Soraya or Miss Ratih)
Sailfish Café +62 370 612 0825
Office Fax +62 370 633 564

E-mail  info@medanabaymarina.com