As a private facility it is a requirement that all visiting boats berthing, mooring or anchoring and using our jetty and facilities shall register and pay the applicable fees.

Daily Rates

Mooring fees   

Rp. 110kday (~A$10/day)

Dinghy dock/anchorage fees   

Rp. 7.5k/day (~A$7.5/day)

Guard fees   

Rp. 100k/day (~A$10)
(if individual guard requested)

Berthing Fees (minimum, up to 12m)   

Rp. 180k/day (~A$18)

Catamaran Berthing Fees (minimum)   

Rp. 270k/day (~A$27)


For larger vessels the rate is pro-rata to the nearest metre length.
Rate Rp.15k/metre/day (~A$1.50/m/day)

20m monohull   

Rp.300k/day (~A$30/day)

20m catamaran   

Rp.450k/day (~A$45/day)

All rates include use of our facilities
• Toilets & showers
• Wi-Fi in the café and spacious gardens and coconut grove
• 4kg rubbish disposal per day


Monthly and long term rates available on application

Fresh water for boats   

Rp.100k/cubic meter (~A$10.00/m3)

Electricity by meter   

Rp.7.5k per kWh (~A$0.75/kWh)
(1ph, 220V, 10amp supply per outlet with larger breakers on request)

Laundry service   

Rp.8k/kg (~A$0.80/kg)

There is a Wi-Fi internet connection in Sailfish café.

Drinking water, fuel and groceries can all be ordered and supplied on request


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