As a private facility it is a requirement that all visiting boats berthing, mooring or anchoring and using our jetty and facilities shall register and pay the applicable fees.


Mooring fees   

Rp. 145kday (~A$14/day)

Dinghy dock/anchorage fees   

Rp. 75k/day (~A$7.5/day)

Guard fees   

Rp. 100k/day (~A$10)
(if individual guard requested)

Berthing Fees (minimum, up to 12m)   

Rp. 180k/day (~A$18)

Catamaran Berthing Fees (minimum)   

Rp. 270k/day (~A$27)


All rates include use of our facilities
• Toilets & showers
• Wi-Fi in the café and spacious gardens and coconut grove
• 4kg rubbish disposal per day


Monthly and long term rates available on application

Fresh water for boats   

Rp.120k/cubic meter (~A$12.00/m3)

Electricity by meter   

Rp.9k per kWh (~A$0.75/kWh)
(1ph, 220V, 10amp supply per outlet with larger breakers on request)

Laundry service   

Rp.9k/kg (~A$0.80/kg)

There is a Wi-Fi internet connection in Sailfish café.

Drinking water, fuel and groceries can all be ordered and supplied on request


Hotel Room Rates

Superior Room   

Rp 495.000

Deluxe Room   

Rp 616.000

All prices include GST

All rooms are equipped with AC, WiFi and TV for your ultimate comfort. Room rates include breakfast for two people