Medana Bay Marina facilities available include 10 serviced berths on a floating jetty linked to the shore facilities by bridges for boat supplies by trolley.

Four berths are on the main pontoon with capacities of 32m and 28m on the outer sides and 2 x 24m on the inner sides. The minimum draft at the shore end is 3m with 10m water depth at the open end.  There is space for up to a further six boats of 12m to 15m size berthed stern-on to the 36m cross pontoon. In addition there are 15 mooring buoys in deep water (12m-18m) in the bay and anchorage room for up to 20 more depending on swing lengths in depths of 20m-22m.

Sailfish café, serving cold beer and delicious moderately priced meals, is right beside the beach and toilets and fresh water shower facilities are close by.

As a private facility it is a requirement that all visiting boats berthing, mooring or anchoring and using our jetty and facilities shall register and pay the applicable fees.

Daily Rates

Mooring fees

Rp. 100kday (~A$10/day)

Dinghy dock/anchorage fees

Rp. 50k/day (~A$5/day)

Guard fees

Rp. 75k/day (~A$7.50)

(if individual guard requested)

Berthing Fees (minimum up to12m)

Rp. 180k/day (~A$18)

Catamaran Berthing Fees (minimum)

Rp. 270k/day (~A$27)



For larger vessels the rate is pro-rata to the nearest metre length.
Rate Rp.15k/metre/day (~A$1.50/m/day)
20m monohull = Rp.300k/day (~A$30/day)
20m catamaran = Rp.450k/day (~A$45/day)


All rates include use of our facilities
• Toilets & showers
• Wi-Fi in the café and spacious gardens and coconut grove
• 4kg rubbish disposal per day


Monthly and long term rates available on application

Fresh water for boats is available at Rp.50k/cubic meter (~A$5.00/m3)
Electricity is available by meter   Rate Rp.5.5k per kWh (~A$0.55/kWh)
(1ph, 220V, 6amp supply per outlet with larger breakers on request)
Laundry service is available at Rp.8k/kg (~A$0.80/kg)
There is a Wi-Fi internet connection in Sailfish café.

Drinking water, fuel and groceries can all be ordered and supplied on request


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