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A love of the sea and its environs brought us together to fulfill a dream and build a marina on Lombok. Between us we have a range of skills, knowledge and networks wide enough to bring this project to fruition.
Our plan is to build a full service marina and develop the surrounding property. The facilities will meet international standards in terms of environmental protection and well trained staff to provide top quality service whilst holding our costs and prices to moderate levels.

Medana Bay was selected in 2006 as an ideal spot on Lombok since it meets the requirements for such a project from both the marine and landside development aspects. The bay is a natural safe harbour, protected from the prevailing major winds and waves. It is on the preferred sailing route to the eastern isles, yet within easy day sailing from the Gilis, and short trips to the Sekotong peninsula and surrounding islets. On the land side there is established infrastructure and we have built a hotel, meeting hall and café in a very tranquil coconut grove garden setting. Nearby there are also several 5* hotels and an 18 hole golf course at Kosaido Country Club.

PT Wisata Alam Samudera is the name of the corporate body and receives full support from the local authorities; the Bupati, the Harbour Master, the Customs Department, the Communications Department, Immigration Office and the Governor of NTB province.

Marine consultants from LAPI-ITB Bandung completed the initial engineering studies and the detailed bathymetric survey of the bay, required to initiate a marine license application. Mataram University assisted with the environmental surveys and assessments required for a number of presentations and reports by the company.

The Department of Sea Communications in Jakarta issued a license for the development of a private harbour and associated facilities to PT WAS in September 2009 and issued the construction license in January 2011, and the operating license for our first stage facility in February 2013.

Medana Bay Marina successfully hosted Sail Indonesia Bunaken in 2009 with over ninety yachts enjoying the facilities and has continued to do so annually including Sail Indonesia (Tomini) 2015 and Sail2Indonesia and the Blue Planet Odyssey in addition to an increasing number of independent private sailors and yachts.
The marina and resort is planned to develop in three stages. We have completed the first stage development with a 17 room hotel overlooking the gardens and bay, a 200 person meeting hall and separate covered buffet reception area, together with our beachside café, Sailfish, and a floating berth system attached to the concrete shore anchor block. The original berthing system for 10 vessels installed in 2011 has corroded badly and must be replaced. Currently we have just 4 berths with metered electrical supply and fresh water. We have recently installed a slipway and imported a Roodberg submersible trailer of 38 ton swl capacity. The company is actively seeking investors for the longer term development of the marina together with a breakwater and quality berthing facilities.

There are many marinas in Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore, but so far, only ourselves, Gili Gede and Nongsa Point in Batam in a blue water, island setting in Indonesia.

Head Office:
Jalan Raya Meninting No 27
Montong – Senggigi 83355
Lombok – Indonesia
Fax: +62 370 633 564
Office: +62 370 643 572
Mobile: +62 877 6585 9666
Sailfish Café: +62 818 0579 4749
Email: [email protected]
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