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Medana Bay Marina is an official entry and exit points for visiting yachts. You can now complete your Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Harbour Master clearance in our marina. If you choose to check in/out at Medana Bay Marina – please email us to inform of estimated arrival dates. Please read below for the required documents to prepare before coming in.

Checking In to Indonesia

1. Before coming in to Indonesia, you must first fill in the CUSTOMS document, known as the VESSEL DECLARATION.

This can be filled in from the following website:

Please prepare the following for Customs Vessel Declaration

  1. Boat registration
  2. Photo of boat
  3. Passport Photos
2. You must also have a valid visa when entering the country


A. Social/Business Visa (B211) – requires an Indonesian sponsor. Valid for 6 months. You get 60 days upon arrival and then requires to be extended every month

B. Retirement Visa – Must be over 55 years old, and fully retired*

Please prepare the following documents for Visa Application:

  1. Passport Cover
  2. Photo of Passport Details
  3. Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate (full doses)
  4. Valid RT-PCR test
  5. Bank Statement/Account showing USD 10,000 or more
  6. Signed document stating willingness to undergo 8 day Quarantine (attached)
  7. Signed document stating willingness to be observed during Quarantine (attached)
  8. Signed documents stating you have insurance/willingness to pay for all quarantine/medical bills should you be sick/found positive Covid-19 in Indonesia (attached)

Based on Circular Letter No. SP-397/HUM/ROKOM/SET.MARVES/VII/2021 it is required for all people entering Indonesia to undergo 8 (eight) days quarantine upon arrival into Indonesia. For yachters entering Medana Bay Marina – you can quarantine on your boat or in our Hotel Rooms.

RT-PCR test will be conducted on the 1st day and a second test on the 7th day. If results of both tests come out negative, you will be allowed to disembark your boat/leave the room on the 8th day. If however, results come out positive – you will continue to be Quarantined while being observed by Health and Quarantine officials. If you are found to be sick and need medical assistance, you will be brought to a hospital – at your own expense.

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