Welcome to Medana Bay Marina

Update 29 August 2018
Medana Bay Marina is fully operating post earthquake.
Mooring and berthing space available.
We can provide: diesel, electricity, drinking water, freshwater, LPG, laundry service, tours, massages

Coordinates 08°21.833’S 116°07.750’E.
Entry way-point almost due north at 08°20.432’S 116°07.685’E

Welcome Ceremony - Rebuild Lombok

Dear Sailors,
You are cordially invited to Rebuild Lombok with Medana Bay Marina. On 17th September 2018, we invite all sailors and non-sailors to welcome Sail Indonesia participants to North Lombok, while taking the opportunity to celebrate and be thankful. Your participation to this event will directly benefit the North Lombok community, and provide them with a source of trauma healing and joy. Please inquire further by email or phone to find out how you can help and participate.
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